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I understand when game developers take some creative license when making ads for their games - higher resolution meshes, more saturated colors, extra VFX - but when the gameplay doesn’t match the ad at all in style it is a really disappointment to me. This game does not have the dynamic full 3D units on the board during battle. The animated sprites they have play along a flat hexagon map. Honestly, the battle board was the most intriguing thing for me and that wasn’t in the game at all. War and Magic game went straight into combat with barely any explanations of what is happening, where you are, why you are defending your keep and who is even attacking. In the first battle some random sheep turned into a person when attacked. The whole thing was a “WTF” moment. Fantasy does not mean non-sensical or randomness for the sake of randomness. The in-game dialog text is poorly written with awful grammar, lack of (or sometimes wrong) punctuation, and misspelled words all over the place. It’s like they hired someone who said they knew what they were doing but clearly they didn’t. These kinda of mistakes plagued the FTUE and really detracted from player immersion. Lastly, the way that the player is thrown into the “game”, it becomes very clear that this is a machine - you are aware of how they want you to spend money, and by the ridiculous pacing, how they want to try and get you hooked, or possibly confused, into spending money. It’s fairly obvious and lackluster. War and Magic will appeal to some, but personally, I’ll save my money for something with a better FTUE, more honest advertising, better text editing, and less focus on impulse spending. 2 stars. Blah.


So far seems like every other base building game. Wide variety of units tho

Great game

The combat is unique and fun and there is a good amount of diversity in characters.




Uses false advertising...

Interesting & fun

Haven’t been playing all that long, but so far it’s been very interesting and quite fun. Could use a little more clear cut instruction. I’ve enjoyed my experience thus far. I enjoy the mechanics of the game and how things are set up. Look forward to digging deeper into it and learning more about it.


Feels like LOTR super cool!

Love it

Love these types of games but this one is somewhat different and it’s very enjoyable when bored

Pay to win or hours of grind

Don’t bother.

The game

This is a pretty easy format game to play. Don't see any issues so far.

War and magic

Fun play

Slow and steady

Great time waster

lier app

this game sayed in the ad no more for pay game and they make pay sales to upgrade your castle fast

Great 👍🏼 game

Hi 👋🏽, this game is great , beautiful and magics ! But need more good quality of graphic , add more people at each buildings to do their work and civilians . The weather is cool with rain but the time is to short , make it a bit longer between night and day and when the night comes all building should have shine of yellow lights .. look 👀 real! It would be greater , and keep doing it . Good work! 😊 ❤️️ bring these for later update please ? Five star ⭐️ Add

Latest update not loading

Latest maintenance work 3-29 not loading. This eventually fixed itself 24hrs after maintenance. Was able to pass load screen. But.....New update 3-30, same issue, game will not load, stuck on load screen at 90% again

Fun game

Wish you could be successful solo

Heroes of might and magic

I like it

Good game

Its fun!

Great game

Great game, just like heroes of might and magic 5. Like good old days

GoW Clone...

Not as much as a pay to win, but still bigger wallets will prevail.

So far so good

Been playing for a couple days and like it so far!

Just started

So far so good. Reminds me of other games I liked but is different enough to make it enjoyable.

To many negative reviews

I won't even play it

Great game

I think this game is different. Great game.

fun stuff

they took the style of heroes of might and magic's combat system and added it to a kingdom builder . awesomely done

Great mechanics

It’s a fantasy builder with good game mechanics and a fairly original tech tree. I especially like the combat being turn based for a change. Paying will speed you up but it seems that there were some very attractive .99 cent specials that were too good to pass up to help support the game devs. You can get what you need through a grind, exploring, battle and research so the diversity is appealing too. Minimum cash input is nice to be able to play a fun game. Keep up the great !

“Pay to win”

Never make an ad that says “pay to win!” At first I thought your ad was going to be funny putting the free player versus the paid player but it ended up being ridiculous and your tag line was the worst. Why would I play a game where, based on your ad, the whales rule the world and the free player has no hope? It’s like you guys don’t even watch ExtraCreditz.

Lying on ads

They showed gameplay footage of this huge battle with hundreds of people going to battle yet when I start it up it’s a turned based game. This is bs and shouldn’t be legal to advertise like this. You people are full of it and a bunch of liars and I hope no one plays this stupid game!!!!!!


Fun but expensive and takes a lot of time

Bound account glitch

The game asked me to bind my account so I did, the game then glitches and I lost my account. I mailed support and am waiting for a response.

Advertising falsely promoting

The ad said “this game says NO to PAY TO WIN.” First thing I see... in app purchases.. sigh

Plagiat and pay to win

It a plagiat of game heroes of might and magic and theses pies of sheat pay to win...

Good Game

Was looking for a long lasting game. Hasn’t disappointed yet after a few months. Glory HOL!

Wow i liked this game

You know if you are one of those heroes of might and magic games, you will recognize some of the sounds and the magic enviroments, i loved the game, very beatiful and brought me memories of the might and magic games, worth i try!!im sure a lot of people will like this game too!!!!

Nice game

i love is like hero magic and might

Great, with some improvements.

The gameplay is good, once you get past the fact there's no tutorial for anything outside your kingdom besides fighting monsters. Mostly full of Russians, but hey, that's what auto translator is for! Don't let that dissuade you. Some elements of this game are new and very effective, such as the way you can acquire troops. Besides training them and colonizing a city, you get troops from defeating monsters, which is pretty cool. Great game, even despite language barriers.

game hay

hay qua ha

Ads are lies!

This game is not 3D and not strategic. Do people not get in legal issues for false advertising?

3D graphics? Where!?!

Okay so I downloaded the game because I’m the trailer I saw the 3d movement. Like it looked better but when I started the game, the battle sequence looked 2d and not that good tbh. If it does change later in the game, let me know

Don’t bother

Fun for a bit till the bully’s in the game decide to destroy all your troops and take all your loot. No point in playing unless you want spend lots of money. Too many major flaws in game. There is no defense for lower level people from higher level bully’s.

Fun game

Fun idle game


advertisment is not the game you download

Fun game

So far the game is fun. Seems very similar to COK

Fake advertising

So I was in Zwarfare and I got a prompt that gave me an ad and I watched the ad. The first thing I saw was a total war game that I recently watched on YouTube. So, why is War and Magic stealing game play from other games? Because the developers and marketers don't care. They just want people to download their crapy game. I downloaded this game just to write a review because it wouldn't let me write a review if I didn't download it. I give this game a .0001 star.

Stealing footage

This game stole footage from Heroes of Might and Magic and Mount and Blade and put it in their ads.




This game made me sick how they advertised the pay to win method u had a ok game but I️ refuse to give jerks like u money me and my guild of 59 people will pay to win on a game with a lot more dignity YOU MIGHT AS WELL START PAN HAMDLING IF U MADE THIS GAME BCUZ U ARE NO GAMER

It's ok

So far it's kept me entertained

Great time killer


War and magic

I love this game It’s fast and lots of action

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